Coffee and Me

The House that My Parents Built at PresentIn the 1980s, my parents bought a 152 sq. meter lot located at Dacoville Subd., Dumoy, Davao City, just a few meters away from where our family lives.  Tall grass and two or three trees covered the lot at that time. In the year 2003, the family decided to put up a commercial building at the same time a place where we can also stay.  We decided to put up a bicycle parts and hardware business. They let me draw the draft layout of the building.  Construction of the building started in June of 2003. Before the building was completely finished, my mother suddenly fell ill and was rushed into the emergency room of a local hospital in July 2003. My mother hasn’t recovered from her illness and died on August 9, 2003 due to aneurysm.

The death of my mother left the building unfinished. Responsibility of the building was handed to us siblings primarily to me as the eldest. A few months after  my mother’s burial we tried to finish what was left unfinished in its construction but still it is not 100% finished.

My two brothers and me decided to have the building rented out but unfortunately, we had two successive bad renters who damaged and left unpaid bills. Fourth quarter of last year we posted a for rent sign. Many called or texted me to inquire and are many people showed their  interest in renting the building but we wondered why no one is actually renting it at present. Because it has been vacant for months now, trespassers damaged the building and even stole the electrical wirings.

Because of this very sad event, we decided to sell the building or have it rented out. At present we posted a signage that the building is for sale or for rent.


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