Coffee and Me

{December 26, 2008}   Christmas in our Hearts

I’m back to writing in here. It’s been a long time. I was concentrating so much in personally attending to the internet and graphic design business that I seldom visit this site.

Well, it’s Christmas season. Filipinos celebrate it with family bonding and abundant food. We at home, no father and mother (my mom passed away year 2003 and my father abandoned us in 2004) though we are siblings have live life differently as if we were strangers or boarders in our own house. Christmas eve and Christmas day were no exemption.

I seldom go home because of the long travel time from my business place. Whenever I come home, I feel I am treated as a boarder by the people living here: my brother’s family. He and his wife have three small children. The youngest is a two-month old baby girl. They cook and eat on their own never asking if you have already eaten. Their bad attitude is rarely a Filipino attitude at all. My youngest brother is also treated the same way.

They say Christmas is a season of giving and sharing but here we are living the other way around. Although I try to share the food that I have they seem to ignore and continue to act as if I were not around.

So sad, and I ask myself why is this happening to us? Wish I were in a different home celebrating Christmas.

Merry Christmas everybody. Have a great new year!


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