Coffee and Me

{November 7, 2008}   Rain, Rain, Rain

As I stared into my blurred, retiring pc monitor hearing the rain, heavily pouring outside the internet cafe, I have to think of ways to amuse and entertain myself in this boring and monotonous job of watching the time of customers. Reading a book just strained my eyes even more.

Working 16 hours per day, seven days a week in the internet cafe is a straining, boring job. No physical social life, only virtual life through Friendster, Yahoo Messenger, emails, etc.

Internet cafe business is not for impatient people. With regards to profit, it is very slow-paced. Patience is a virtue as they say. One has to think of other ways to source out income.

The rain still heavily pours filling the street knee-deep. I wonder when it will subside. Big trucks and vans pass the street causingĀ ripples to the shoulder of the road. I’m getting really hungry as we cannot cross the street to buy our dinner at the neighborhood barbeque eatery. Hey, is the reader getting bored here? What must I do, my stomach is already growling…..

No choice but to cross the street filled with knee-dip water while the rain still pours. Time passes by so fast its almost 9p.m. The rain makes business slow as no customers would dare to go out of their house and go inside the internet cafe because of the flood and rain.


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